How to take care of your pressure-treated timber

We use high-quality pressure-treated rather than pre-treated timber. This means that it's permeated with wood preservative. This deep treatment protects the wood against penetration by dampness or water. It does not deteriorate as quickly as wood that is not pressure-treated, and so it does not need to be replaced as often.

This timber is also covered by an 'envelope' that protects it from insects and fungal attack. That's why pressure-treated timber is excellent for outdoor projects such as fencing panels, garden furniture and sheds. You save money because the timber lasts a long time.

Note that round timber and, to a lesser extent, squared timber post and frames may crack because of solar radiation. The cracking is likely to close again, depending on the weather. It is also natural for timber to warp a little in extreme temperatures. Similarly, when timber dries out, little knots may fall out.

Oil your timber regularly for maximum protection!

  • It's important to oil your timber and deck around once a year to keep it looking good and to prolong its life. This will also make it easier to clean. An oil-based repellent will give extra protection against Irish weather.

  • Sealers provide strong protection, compared to stains and paints. To maintain your timber in a good state, it's best to apply the sealer once a year.

  • If you need to cut your timber for some reason, reseal the cut using endseal or a similar product.

  • Don't let anything that retains moisture – such as plants and foliage – be in prolonged contact with your timber.

  • If you want to paint the timber at some stage, use an alkyd oil-based primer and then finish with two coats of good-quality latex topcoat paint.

  • Apply grease liberally to all metal objects such as hinges and bolts once a year.