Custom-Made Garden Furniture

Have you found it hard to find the exact garden furniture that fits your needs? Off-the-shelf products, no matter how well designed, won't suit everybody. We all have different needs, and some requirements are so specific that the only solution is a product made to order, designed exactly according to your specifications.

We can provide you with Custom-Made Garden or Outdoor Furniture that will suit your needs and add a great touch of personality to the area around your house or to your garden.

We make garden furniture manually from top-grade, pressure-treated timber that will last a long time, and pay attention to the last detail.

Just tell us what you'd like, and we'll design it; then, once you approve, we'll build it for you.

You'll be surprised by our very reasonable prices. If you'd like some garden or outdoor furniture but are not sure what to choose, we can come over and look at your outdoor space or garden, and make lots of suggestions to help you decide!

We can both design and build:

  • Custom creative garden tables
  • Simple benches with 2-3 seats
  • L or U-shaped benches – which look great in the right space
  • Simple swing benches and swing beds – if you haven't tried a swing bed, you don't know what you're missing!
  • Simple square or rectangular tables – or a beautiful wooden table of any shape or size to fit your sitting area
  • Exterior shelving to store all sorts of things, custom-made to fit perfectly whatever space you have available